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''Farmer Happiness'' is The Prior Condition in Irrigation.

“Irrigation in agriculture”, which based back to Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt, combines with today's technology to bring the quality, efficient, healthy and smile the farmer.

Since 2005, STF IRRIGATION systems have been manufacturing drip irrigation pipes, filter systems, sprinkler irrigation systems and plastic pipe fittings with a world-class quality production concept, easy-to-use and aesthetic designs that are world-class based to support inefficient lands and support inadequate rains for the use of the farmer.

STF Irrigation Systems, which is indispensable of its sector both in domestic and international market with young, dynamic and experienced staff, has achieved the institutional quality in production and service.

STF Irrigation Systems, which has a service-oriented principle, with its extensive dealer network in Turkey and abroad will continue to research to produce trouble-free solutions in order to keep satisfaction of farmers at the highest level and to keep them happy by contributing to the development of the irrigation sector.

STF products are manufactured according to TSE, ISO 9001 -2008 and CE Quality Management Standards.

Our Vision

To be an institution which is not limited as the best just in our country but also a leader in international area. Besides, to be remain as a leader with the every scientific service that we offer and the quality and also beside to being leader, always keep the leadership.

Our Mission

Use the sources as rational, reduce the losses, increase the efficiency, reduce the costs, provide to our customers with quality and aesthetical products, principled, work as planned and systematically, consider the satisfaction of customer.